Refinishing Wheels and Calipers

Maybe you've got a little curb rash, a little banged up from the rough roads, or it just needs a fresh color to change things up.  We only use the very best materials and processes that will be OEM or better.  We can service multi-piece wheels and wheels up to 30".  We can also service low profile tires, including when they're stretched.

Damaged Wheels can be refinished using a variety of methods.  Most wheels are an aluminum alloy and are painted from the factory. we can repair bends, cracks, curb rash or even just damaged clear coat.  There are several different options available depending on the severity of the damage.  We may repair and touch up paint a small section, or we may have to have to completely strip the wheel and powder coat it.  Powder coating is the strongest and most durable finish available for wheels.  It molecularly bonds to the bare wheel creating a very durable and still very beautiful finish.  This process is used for underpinnings on cars and trucks and even on engine parts.

For calipers we use an Epoxy Paint that is extremely hard and durable to 950 degrees Fahrenheit.  We have 13 colors readily available and we can custom mix colors as well for an additional fee.  Here are some examples of Calipers that we have painted.  There is the option of having the calipers powder coated.  They must be removed from the car and disassembled.  Then once they are finished, they are reassembled and reinstalled on the vehicle.  This process is a lot more involved, but results in a perfectly applied OEM+ finish with an increase in heat resistance and durability.